Blissfest Music Organization

Check your status hereHello! Please follow the link to choose your own adventure for the 38th Annual Blissfest.

1) Choose time and number of shifts based on the day(s) you are working:

During Festival (Fri,Sat, Sun) = Pick two 4-hour shifts
*Pre-Festival (Thursday) = Pick three 4-hour shifts (*must be approved)
Post-Festival Monday = Pick two 5-hour shifts

2)Answer additional information on application.

*Please be sure to provide email address because email is the main way the Volunteer Manager communicates with the BlissCrew.*

3)Provide the $10 participation fee.

4)Sign the Disclaimer

**you will be notified by March 15th if you need to choose another shift, or if the shifts you selected cannot be approved.If you do not hear from us, the shifts you choose are yours**
38th Blissfest Music Festival
Blissfest Festival Farm
July 13th - 15th, 2018